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Author: L.E.J.Brooke



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This issue, the fourth, completes the second year of publication, and ‘goes to press’ in order to make it accessible for the final indoor meeting of the 1979-80 winter session. Grateful thanks is expressed to all who have contributed to it, and to those who have promised something ‘for the next one’.

As usual, Russ Clynick’s assiduous endeavours in taking notes at each meeting now takes form in WINTER MEETINGS REVIEWED, while your editor, who is currently collecting material in order to compile a definitive history of our parish church, has delved into archives to write of FORMER RESTORATION WORK ON ST JOHN’S CHURCH, YEOVIL. Mrs Eedle’s PARNHAM ICE HOUSE adds to those mentioned in a former issue, and Arthur Denner’s nostalgic CHILDHOOD MEMORIES of Yeovil is certain to recall personal memories to the many Old Yeovilians among us. TWO HAPPY PEOPLE found by Mrs Knight during her family history researches, tells of the marriage of travelling actors who were not tragedians. Record of some BAPTIST CHURCH MEMORIAL TABLETS have been made by Mrs Knight and Miss Joan Rendell before the possibility of their loss, and our chairman tells of the ORIGINS OF YEOVIL BAPTIST CHURCH. Reg. Warrs interesting reply to the query in our last issue on BRIDGE COTTAGES, WEST COKER, is drawn from his mother’s recollections, and new members, Brian and Moira Gittos, give us a description and further information about ASHINGTON’S LOST MONUMENT. Mrs Knight’s BOOK NEWS AND NOTICES once more brings to our attention some recent publications dealing both with the district and kindred works of more general interest. An invitation to members to join in the forthcoming resumption of the Society’s TINTINHULL CHURCH PROJECT is followed by CANTERBURY TALES, which is our Secret-account of his and his family’s own pilgrimage along the ancient route taken by travellers to the shrine of St Thomas à Becket. The SUMMER PROGRAMME OF OUTINGS rounds off the principal features, though it is hoped the ‘fillers and list of Society publications’ will also be of interest!


Your Publications Committee is gratified to be able to report that the first of our series of booklets, THE ROMANS, by Mr L.C.Hayward, owing to the widespread interest it received, necessitated a further print of 250 copies so that it is now still available at £l.30 a copy.

The 500 copies of our second booklet, STREET NAMES IN YEOVIL, similarly met with good and immediate response, so that it was sold out some five months after issue.

The imminent appearance of our third publication, BYGONE YEOVIL, is in connection with the 600th anniversary of the commencement of building of the present church of St John’s, Yeovil, written by Mr Hayward, it includes and continues the three articles which have appeared in past issues of ‘Chronicle’ on the Parish Chest, and covers much of Yeovil life centred round the church from pre-Reformation times onwards. Your editor has added a chapter on the Church (or Parish) House, has also drawn the illustrations which accompany the text on every page, and there is a foreword by the Rector, the Rev.H.A. Andrewes Uthwatt. Since the profit from the sale of this booklet is being devoted to the current restoration fund, it is hoped members will follow up the story begun in ‘Chronicle’ by buying it and thereby contributing towards the preservation of Yeovil’s oldest building.


On Wednesdays each week a ‘working party’ of members attend Yeovil Museum under the chairmanship of Mr L.C.Hayward, and in the absence of a curator endeavour to answer queries arising from objects which are brought in for identification. In addition new gifts and acquisitions are recorded by cataloguing and indexing, and there is a frequent arrangement of fresh exhibits.

Recent activities have included the staging of an exhibition of Somerset Brass Rubbings made by the Misses Isabel and Joan Rendell, and putting on a display of Mr R.A.Woodward’s ‘History of Methodism in Stamps’. Besides this the museum’s costume collection has been freshly catalogued and put into better storage conditions; plaster work has been set into panels for a future re-arrangement of the Roman exhibits, and a good deal of photographic work carried put. It is hoped, soon, to put on a display of christening robes including recent acquisitions.

Finally, now is the time to prepare YOUR contribution for our next issue due to be ready for the Annual General Meeting on 3 October. Your editor is anxious to receive it as soon as posssible! Please don’t leave it until the last minute.

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