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Snippets – Ill Relished Beer; 2 Happy People; Petition of Poverty, 1609; Gift of a Pall; A 1646 Yeovil Epitaph


ILL RELISHED BEER IN 1638     Page:8
Bridgwater Sessions 2-4 October 1638 (S.R.S.24)

Petition of Theophilus Collens portreeue and other inhabitants of the Town and Borough of Yeovil, against Edward Keynes, gent, concerning some abuses committed by him. He had set up a brew house, and pretending a Patent which was not shown compelled the keepers of inns and alehouses to buy from him till they found his beer to be ill relished and disliking to towne and country. The town is a great and common road for the most part of the west country men to London; and there is a great weekly market. Ordered that Sir John Stowell, K.B., Sir Henry Berkley, William Walrond, John Harbyn, and James Rosse, Esquires, shall examine the particulars and take such course as they shall think fitt for the relief of the petitioners.

Pat Knight

From Highworth, Wiltshire, marriages register, 14 June 1792:

William Johnson Pethen of parish of Carmarthen in South Wales, a sojourner here, comedian, to Frances Francis of Yeovill, Somerset, a sojourner here, comedian, by banns.

Witness: Thos.Cooper

PETITION OF POVERTY, 1609     Page:14

‘The Humble petisione of Yeadeth Haninge
To the Right Worshipful) Sr Edward Hix, Knight, etc.
In most humble manner complayninge unto you good wopp the grete want that I and my poore children Dooth suffer for want of breade, for my hsbande by meanes of his brother is keept from vs and will allowe vs noe meanes at all’ etc., ‘from Eevill this Thursday morning.

George Hayne,  portryve  
 Richard Collens constable  
 Edmund Deanes constable

This poor woman to be relieved by the ou’seers of the pishe of the pishe of the of Evill.

Sessions Rolls Book VI 1609/10 (SRS 23)

GIFT OF A PALL     Page:16

William Phelips, who was resident in Preston Plucknett from 1675 until his death in 1714, made a will dated 19 February 1713-14. Besides n monetary gift of £100 to the almshouse ‘near the Horsepoole in Yeovill’ (Woborn’s), he also included the following: ‘I give to the church of Yeovill a good large pall cloth with large black silk tuffits to be kept by the minister or churchwardens in the church chest and each person that desires to use the same in or out of the said parish shall pay five shillings a time in Preston and in the towne and six shillings out of the towne, which said five or six shillings shall be paid over to the custos of the aforesaid almshouse’. This document, is from, the Phelips Papers in the Somerset Record Office, Priorswood. Taunton.

A 1646 YEOVIL EPITAPH     Page:17
A magazine cutting, copied by a reader of the Somerset County Herald in 1890:

Here lieth the Body of JOHN WEBB
Son of John and Mary Webb,

Clothiers of this Parish,

Who died of the Measles,
The 3d Day of May 1646 aged 3 Years.

How still he lies!
And clos’d those eyes,

That shone as bright as Day!

The cruel Measles
Like Clothiers’ Teasles

Have scratch’d his Life away.

Cochineal red
His lips have fled,

Which now are blue and black,

Dear pretty Wretch,
How thy Limbs stretch,

Like Cloth upon the Rack.

Repress Thy sighs,
The husband cries,

My dear, and not repine

For ten to one,
When God’s Work’s done,

He’ll come off superfine.

From the Minute Book of Yeovil Town Commissioners, 22 January 1838:      Page:18

‘Resolved that Notice be given to the Keepers of all Inns and Beerhouses in the Town that the penalty of the Act of Parliament, will be strictly enforced against such of them who shall hereafter harbour any Watchmen during the hours of duty, and that a Copy of the Clause in the Town Act relating to this offence be sent with every such Notice.’
     ‘Ordered that 200 Copies of the Clause be printed.’

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