This article came from Chronicle
Volume 2(2) published April 1982. Page 18

ALSO Proposed ‘Friends of Yeovil Museum’



The Yeovil Museum Working Party have again met regularly under the leadership of Mr L.C.Hayward, have rearranged several exhibits, dealt with enquiries, etc., and continued conservation work on the costume collection. Rewiring and redecoration of the premises, together with other outside factors, have delayed the reorganization of the display of Roman exhibits, however. The working party have also had meetings with members of the District Council in connection with the future of the museum and the setting up of a body to be known as the Friends of Yeovil Museum.

Proposed ‘Friends of Yeovil Museum’

A public meeting is to be held at the District Council Offices in Preston Road, provisionally fixed for Tuesday 4 May 1982, at 7,30 p.m., when it is hoped there will be sufficient support for the inauguration of a body to be known as the Friends of Yeovil Museum. Mr L.C.Hayward has agreed to chair the meeting. It is hoped that as many interested members of our Society as possible will be able to attend.

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