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This article came from the Chronicle
Volume 2(2) published April 1982. Page 23



Author: Eric Dove


This contribution may not be highest grade archive material, but could be of interest to many users of the library in King George Street and to readers throughout the county.

The following list of books shows some of those added to stock when the new library building was opened on 2 March 1928 and has been extracted from the first two pages of the accession register.

REMARQUE,E.M. Three comrades THOMAS,B. Arabia Felix
WELLS,H.G. Meanwhile WOODHOUSE,P.G. Piccadilly
HENRIQUE,B.L. Indicretions of a warden WEYMAN,S.J. Gentleman of France
ROGER,E. Myths, Scenes and worthies of Somerset BEAUCHAMP,J. British Imperialism in India
BURNETT,F.H. Little Lord Fauntleroy JACOBS,W.W. Odd Craft
PARRY,C.H.H. Style in Musical Art HAGGARD,H.R. Ayesha
BOWEN,M. Mr Washington WEYMAN,H.J. House of the Wolf
BRAMWELL,J.M. Hypnotsm FARNOL,J. Black Bartlemy’s Treasure
DOSTOEVSKY,F. Crime and Punishment HORLER,S. High Stakes
COOLRIDGE,S. What Katy did at School CHARTERIS,L. Featuring the Saint
CREASEY,E. 15 Decisive Battles of the World BUCHAN,J. Witch Wood
CONRAD,J. Last Essays BLOOM,U Fruit on the Bough
FEA,A. Flight of a King

In his annual report for 1938/39, the Borough Librarian, Ernest Batty, reported that the most popular books of the year had been Margaret Mitchell’s ‘Gone with the Wind’ and A.J.Cronin’s ‘The Citadel’.

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