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This article came from the Chronicle published October 1982. Pages 33


Museum Working Party also

Friends of Yeovil Museum


Museum Working Party
The Yeovil Museum Working Party has continued its work under the leadership of Mr L.C.Hayward, and among other things the ladies, besdies continuing conservation of the dress collection, have arranged a fresh display of costume in the lower gallery.

   Work has now been possible on the rearranging of Roman exhibits in the upper gallery. Much has been accomplished already in moving cases, preparing illustrative material and written descriptions, regrouping and relabelling exhibits, and erecting display panels, in order to present life and work in Roman Somerset around Yeovil in a more attractive and lively manner, which should appeal not only to the casual visitor, but to students and children alike. It is hoped to complete this part of reorganizing the whole of the upper gallery exhibits during the months which follow, and in this connection attention is drawn to the item which follows.

Friends of Yeovil Museum
By the time this issue of ‘Chronicle‘ is distributed, the inaugural meeting of the Friends of Yeovil Museum will have taken place. The steering committee, set up on 4 May last as reported in our last issue (p.18), have twice met under the chairmanship of Mr L.C.Hayward, and have formulated a proposed constitution, due to be placed before the public meeting fixed for 14 September.

   One of the objects of the ‘Friends’ is to encourage assistance in publicizing the museum, and to appeal to those with special skills, or who are otherwise able to help, to enrol.

   It is hoped that members of this society will give as much support as possible to this extension of the work which was started and has been carried on by a relatively small number of our members over the past ten years. Those who are able to do so, or who would like further information as to what is required, are asked to contact the secretary.

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