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This article came from the Chronicle published May 1983. Pages 48/49 and 56




From the Court of Quarter Sessions records, held at. Bridgwater on 13 July 27 Charles II.

The Court desires the two nearest justices to Yeovil to cause a rate and tax to be made on the inhabitants of the said parish for reimbursement to Thomas Strode of the same, surveyor of the highways in the parish, of 22s 6d paid by him for fees due to the officers of the Court for the discharge of the inhabitants of Yeovill from a presentment formerly exhibited against them for a nuisance, and of his reasonable costs and charges in attending at Court concerning the said discharge; and to bind over until. the next General Sessions any persons refusing to pay.

From Yeovil Town Commissioners’ Minute Book.
3 October 1642
Ordered that the Cart Mare. belonging to the Commissioners be sold – she having become too vicious to use, and that the Surveyor do purchase another in her stead.

The terms of tenancy of sittings in St John’s church, Yeovil, in the sixteenth century (when a ‘fine’ was paid to the churchwardens on the occesion of a fresh occupancy) are shown in the 1541-2 accounts:
‘Be hyt known that there was agreyd by holle Psh at the daye of accompte of John Hacker whatsoever he be tha(t) byeth ony Sett within the Churche of Yevell shall howld yt during hys Lyffe if he dwell wtyn the sayd Psh yf he dwell out of the same Psh 12 Months and a day then hys Bette to be forfett’.

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