This article came from Chronicle published October 1984. Pages: 2-3


News Round Up


Authors: B.C.Gittos & J.C.Moon


News Round Up

Beaminster. Marie Eedles’s eagerly awaited book entitled “A History of Beaminster is expected to be published towards the end of 1984 by Phillimore & Co Ltd., at a price of approximately £10.00.

DORCHESTER. Recent excavations on a car park scheduled for redevelopment in the town centre have produced some remarkable results. These include remains of a 14th C dovecote, part of an insula of the Roman Town and a Neolithic site. The latter consists of two socket holes for monoliths, possibly part of a cursus like that near Avebury, Wilts. Excavations on site are now completed.

Okehampton. The discovery has been reported of an important henge monument on North Dartmoor near Okehampton. The site, to be known as “Maiden Henge”, has been revealed by the effects of the exceptionally dry summer and is thought to date from 2,500 BC. It consists of a large enclosure with a post-built structure in the centre. It was located during aerial survey work by Miss Frances Griffith for Devon County Council. Some 400 new archaeological sites were identified during the survey.
Source: Daily Telegraph 8,9,84 and BBC Radio 4 news bulletin.

Somerset. The dry summer has also been responsible for revealing several previously unknown archaeological sites in Somerset, including a possible Roman site at Somerton; Bronze Age burials at Muchelelney and early settlements at High Ham and Yeovilton.
Source: Western Gazette 7.9.84

South Petherton, The South Petherton Local History Group which was formed in 1976 have begun producing a Journal. The first issue includes articles on the local flax industry and the Neolithic “Sweet Track” at Westhay, both suitably illustrated. The editor is Mr.W.H.Hull of “Crossbrow”, Hele Lane, South Petherton.

Witney, Oxfordshire. Rescue excavation in the grounds of a house near the parish church has uncovered extensive remains of the 13th century palace of the Bishops of Winchester. There is a possibility that the site which was going to be developed can now be purchased and that it can be preserved.

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