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Editorial and Secretary’s Letter

Authors: B.C.Gittos & J.C.Moon



Author: B.C.Gittos

There have been an encouraging number of contributions for this edition of Chronicle. Special mention must be made of the report by Peter Leach on the very recent excavations at Ilchester. This important contribution from a professional archaeologist is particularly welcome. However, it is noticeable that the.same small band of faithful scribes offer material each time and I would like to renew a plea to the rest of the membership to cast off the fear of committing themselves to paper. There is no better way of ensuring that the content of Chronicle satisfies every type of interest than by writing it yourselves.

A special thank-you is due in this edition to Mrs. Poole, our new typist, but assistance is still required with the duplicating. A willing volunteer for this duty would be an important addition to the team.

A full summer programme lies ahead with the main event of the year scheduled for 5th October, when the society plays host to SANHS Affiliateded Societies.
Further details of this and I other important coming events are dealt with elsewhere in this edition. I would like to conclude by thanking everyone who has contributed to the production of the present edition both in terms of the content and-the production effort.


Author: J.C.Moon

With the Editor reminding me that it was time for another Chronicle and that he was expecting me to fill in some of his space, I was wondering what there was to write about, when the Western Gazette jogged my memory, over something that certainly should not pass without mention.

Just prior to our AGM in December, Russ Clynick advised us that he felt that the time had come for him to reduce some of his commitments and that he did not wish to stand again for election to our Committee. This came as a shock to me and also, I think, to my fellow Committee members, but it was mitigated by his intimation that lie would continue with the reporting of our activities and for the local press. He will be missed at our Committee meetings having done a long stint – 13 or 14 years I think and we are very grateful for his contributions to our deliberations which have always been valuables His detailed reports on our winter lectures and summer excursions have been an important part of Chronicle since the first issue – long may they continue. Reports for the local papers he has at times found a thankless task and he had to be encouraged to continue with them as frequently his contributions did not appear or were cut to a couple of lines on a back page. This month (February), however, his efforts have been amply rewarded by appearing on the front page of the second section of the Western Gazette.

To fill the vacancy on our Committee caused by Russ Clynick standing down we welcome Robin Ansell, Reference Librarian at Yeovil, who is keenly interested in local history and who brings his professional expertise to our meetings.

This leads me on to the very welcome and very long overdue news that at last Yeovil is to get a new library building. As I understand the press reports, the new Reference Library will be suitable for meetings, implying that there will be more space which will enable us to have more people without overcrowding and I hope will save the Library Staff some of the work in getting the room ready for us. I cannot avoid a feeling of regret that the plan also calls for the present Library and Council Offices to be sold off.

A major event in our programme for the Autumn, is on Saturday 5th October when we are to act as hosts to our sister societies, affiliated to the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society for the annual joint meeting. It is too early yet for full details – we will probably have to issue a special news sheet late in the Summer. It is to be held at the Preston Centre and will comprise a choice of local visits in the morning and a series of 15 minute talks in the afternoon. The Mayor-Elect, Mrs. Joy Stanton, has kindly agreed to give a short welcoming address before delegates set off for the morning visits. The Yeovil Natural History Society are co-operating in leading one or more of the visits and providing speakers. We shall need a lot of help, physical and material, from members in preparing the Hall and in providing the morning coffee and afternoon tea, (delegates will make their own arrangements for lunch).

Further information about this event and final details of our Summer Programme will be found on a loose sheet included with this issue of Chronicle.

With regard to the Summer programme, may I just say please support it as far as you can. I have had to cancel a provisionally booked coach during each of the last three summers and I am determined not to do that this time. Please bring your friends and as there is a deadline for advance bookings, don’t wait until the last minute.

Will all members please note that the date of the first winter lecture has been changed from 4th October to 18th October.

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