1985-Oct-pg43-44_Editorial and Secretary’s Letter

1985-Oct-pg43-44_Editorial and Secretary’s Letter

This article came from the Chronicle published October 1985.  Pages:43-44


Editorial and Secretary’s Letter

Authors: B.C.Gittos & J.C.Moon



Author: B.C.Gittos

After what can only be described as a disappointing summer, at least as far as the weather was concerned, it is time to look forward to the winter  programme and I hope time for members to begin  preparing contributions for the next Chronicle! Two members who between them made some fourteen contributions to Chronicle are on the point of leaving Yeovil and will be greatly missed. I refer, of course, to Isabell and Joan Rendell who as founder members of the society have greatly contributed to its success, with Isabell being Chairman for 7 years. We hope they will be happy in their new home at Wells and that they will still be able to take part in some of the society’s activities. Unfortunately, it has proved necessary to consider raising subscription rates for the coming year. The committee has proposed some modest increases which are set out elsewhere in this edition and will be considered for approval at the A.G.M. The method of production of Chronicle best described as “under review”. Mrs. Poole, who has typed this and the previous edition is also leaving Yeovil and will not be available for typing future editions. It seems likely that the first edition of 1986 will be typed and duplicated at the Preston Centre but details still have to be finalised. All being well, Chronicle should be available in time for the S.A.N.H.S. Affiliated Societies meeting on 5th October. This is an important event for the society and I hope that as many members as possible can contribute to making it a successful day.


Author: J.C.Moon

This contribution to ‘Chronicle’ is being penned well in advance of the Editor’s deadline because arrangements for the S.A.N.H.S. Joint Societies meeting on 5th October could demand urgent attention as the time comes closer. All seems to be progressing smoothly at present though it is rather early to judge how much help we shall be able to muster. It will however be too late to do anything about it by the time this appears in print.

A matter which has been of concern to the Committee and to me personally has been the apparently diminishing support for our Summer programme and it is proposed to have an open discussion on the subject after the formal business of the A.G.M. in December to try to get a better idea of members’ wishes. Some of the questions to which we would like answers cover the acceptability of excursions by coach or by members’ cars and if so how far afield. This year there will nave been two all-day events by coach, two Saturday afternoons and four Friday evenings, all by car. Too many or not enough? Because of these doubts one or two of the events listed on the programme cards for next Summer are somewhat provisional and may be changed if this seems the general wish – all will be confirmed next April.

Reverting to this Summer’s events (of which there will be a report elsewhere) the highlight, as I write, is yet to come – the visit to Badbury Rings and Kingston Lacy. Just after the closing date for application for seats, there were only just over thirty which we regard as the minimum to confirm the provisional coach booking, though one or two may come along later or be persuaded to come).

For the visit to Gloucester there was a bare minimum of bookings and in fact even less on the day with two or three unable to come because of illness or being put off by the weather. But in spite of nearly continuous rain, it was a very enjoyable day – there was plenty of interest to see and do and it would have been well worth going only for the tour of the Cathedral, round which we were shown by Mr. Robert Martin, obviously a great lover of the Cathedral and one with an exceptional ability to inspire and entertain others.

Regrettably Saturday 31st August was our last visit to Halstock Roman Villa, as Mr. Ron Lucas has decided that the time has come to cease work on the site and concentrate his efforts on preparing the report on his eighteen years’ work there. Do not forget, that he will be coming to give tale Silcox Memorial Lecture on Friday 4th April next year having heard him and seen his slides on Halstock recently I can assure all our members that this will be an occasion which must not be missed.