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This article came from the Chronicle published April 1986.  Page 70


SANHS Affiliated Societies Meeting: Yeovil: 5th October 1985

Author: Russ Clynick


Each year one of the local societies affiliated to Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society (S.A.N.H.S.) plays host to the other affiliated societies and 1985 saw our society fulfilling this role with the support of the Yeovil Natural History Society. The event was held at the Preston Centre. A number of displays were mounted for the benefit of the guests including publications offered for sale by S.A.N.H.S. and by the County Library service. There was ail exhibition of Brass Rubbings recently donated to Y.A.L.H.S by the Misses Rendell and a collection of photographs of church monuments. Other displays covered aspects of the work of society members concerning Beaminster, Tintinhull and Old Sarum House.

The Deputy Mayor of Yeovil, Councillor Roy Madelin welcomed the guests which included S.A.N.H.S. Chairman Rev. B.W. Kirk. The morning session took the form of a series of conducted tours which included a visit to Yeovil Museum led by Leonard Hayward and a tour of St. John’s Church conducted by Leslie Brooke with the kind permission of Preb. Patrick Blake. Individual accounts of the other four tours follow at the end of this report.

Members made their own arrangements for lunch after which the afternoon session was devoted to a series of five (nominally!) fifteen minute talks as follows.-

1. “The Natural History of the Nine-Springs” by Mr. C. Cornell.
2. “The Sherborne Mercury” by Mr. L.E.J. Brooke.
3. “Church Monuments at Limington, Somerset” by Mr. & Mrs. B. Gittos.
4. “Bird Censuring” by Mr. R.J. Fox.
5. “Old Sarum, House” by Mr. L.C. Hayward.

After a break for tea provided by members of the society under the guidance of Miss Enid Pawley, Mr. E. Dove and Mrs. P. Swetinan entertained the audience with a humorous duologue featuring West Country dialect.

The whole event was a credit to the hard work of all the members of both host societies who had assisted and the meeting closed with a cordial vote of thanks by Rev. Kirk.

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