Wall tablet in the chapel at Lytes Cary. On the north wall of the sanctuary, is this curious tablet which is the work of Sir Thomas Lyte and is dated 1631. It purports to be a copy of a 14th c. memorial in stained glass which was once in Charlton Mackrell church

This article came from the Chronicle published October 2008.  Pages 118-9



Authors: Brian & Moira Gittos

Plate 45 Cerne Giant being restored to health. (Photo. B&M Gittos)

Every seven years or so, the National Trust carry out a programme of work to restore the image of the Cerne Abbas Giant. This enigmatic and unashamedly vulgar chalk hill figure underwent such a programme in September 2008. The Giant had become very faint due to an accumulation of grasses and weeds together with discolouration of the chalk by lichen and mosses. The grass and weeds have been removed, together with the top few inches of contaminated chalk. The latter has been replaced by seventeen tonnes of fresh chalk, taken from a sufficient depth in the quarry to ensure freedom from contamination with seeds and spores, so that the image will remain white for longer. The illustration shows work in progress on 16th September 2008.

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