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Past Talks and Walks

Date Event Speaker / Detail
Winter 2013/14    
04-Oct-13 Somerset Vernacular Buildings Fergus Dowding
01-Nov-13 Operation Nightingale Richard Osgood MOD Archaeologist
06-Dec-13 Village Schooling in Somerset Sarah Villiers
03-Jan-14 Members’ Night (open to all) – Three short talks by members  
07-Feb-14 The Railway Architecture of Yeovil Brian Jackson
07-Mar-14  Somerset’s Deserted Villages James Bond
04-Apr-14 Flax Milling Tony Brook
02-May-14 AGM followed by a talk – West Country Friendly Societies Phillip Hoyland
Summer 2014    
13-Jun-14 Montacute Walkabout and Village Church  
11-Jul-14 Visit to Barrow Clump Excavations (with SSARG) Led by Richard Osgood
22-Aug-14 Visit an Excavation on the Mod renges at Lulworth Led by Richard Osgood
22-Aug-14 Visit Dawes Twine Works in West Coker  
02-Sep-14 Visit site of Yeovil’s Roman fort Led by site Manager, Stuart Milby
Winter 2014/15    
03-Oct-14 Archaeology of Hinkley Point Rachel Bellamy
07-Nov-14 History of Yandles Timber Yard David Mountstephens
05-Dec-14 The Allens of Tintinhull – Wheelwrights, Farriers and Undertakers John Allen
09-Jan-15 Members’ Night (open to all) – Three short talks by members  
06-Feb-15 The Parrett Navigation Company Francis Farr-Cox
06-Mar-15 South Western Heritage Trust Tom Maybury
10-Apr-15 Monmouth Rebellion John Allen
01-May-15 AGM followed by a talk – Sherborne School Huw Ridgeway
Summer 2015    
06-Jun-15 Tintinhull Walkabout Led by Denny Robins
16-Jul-15 Evening Tour of Sherborne School Led by Huw Ridgeway
14-Aug-15 Bradford Abbas Walkabout Led by Tony White
18-Sep-15 Visit to CHAC Clare Robinson & Joseph Lewis
Winter 2015/16    
09-Oct-15 The Archaeology at Bunford Hollow Stuart Milby
06-Nov-15 Yeovil’s Gloving Legacy Jean Harper
27-Nov-15 A History of Milborne Port  Dr Lesley Wray
08-Jan-16 Members’ Evening – various talks  
05-Feb-16 The Unreturning Army David Gordon
04-Mar-16 Towards an Archaeology of the Anchorhold Jerry Sampson
01-Apr-16 The Air Defence of South-West England during World War Two John Smith
06-May-16 AGM followed by a talk – The Fovant Badges Tony Phillips
Summer 2016    
02-Jun-16 Dawes Twineworks in West Coker Ross Atkins
14-Jul-16 Industrial Archaeology Sites around Crewkerne Richard Simms
13-Aug-16 Visit Down Farm Museum Dr Martin Green
22-Aug-16 Lufton Villa Excavations James Gerrard
02-Sep-16 Yeovil’s Parish Church (refurbished bells and clock) Roger Fox
Winter 2015/16    
07-Oct-16 A Petite Cloche, Grand Son Brian and Moira Gittos
04-Nov-16 The Postal System of Great Britain from Medieval Times until 1850 Roger Marsh
02-Dec-16 Clark’s of Street: The Story of a Quaker Business Tim Crumplin
06-Jan-17 Members’ Evening – various talks  
03-Feb-17 Bristol Blue Glass Dr Francis Burroughes
03-Mar-17 The History of Barrington Court John Allen
07-Apr-17 Writing Victoria History for Somerset Mary Siraut
05-May-17 AGM followed by a Magic Lantern Show Humphrey Hamlin
Summer 2017    
08-Jun-17 Visit Castle Cary Horse Hair Museum John Boyd Textiles
03-Jul-17 Crewkerne Walkabout Peter Wingrave
01-Aug-17 Lufton Villa Excavations James Gerrard/Newcastle University
05-Sep-17 Visit Brympton d’Evercy House  
Winter 2017/18    
06-Oct-17 Alberto Biolletti – A Soldier of Napoleon & Master Clockmaker of Wincanton John Baxter
03-Nov-17 Archaeology of Stone Quarrying Peter Stanier
01-Dec-17 Somerset’s Highway Heritage Richard Raynsford
05-Jan-18 Members’ Evening – all welcome – With a quiz, various talks  
02-Feb-18 South Dorset Ridgeway Mapping Project Claire Pinder
02-Mar-18 Meeting cancelled due to Weather  
06-Apr-18 Lidar – The Imaging of a Hidden Landscape Bryan Moore
04-May-18 AGM followed by a talk – Brewing in Weymouth Dr David Riches
Summer 2018    
12-Jun-18 Tour of  Weymouth Museum Led by David Riches
06-Jul-18 South Petherton Walkabout Led by Liz Randall 
17-Aug-18 Ilchester Archaeological Tour Led by Sally Mottram
07-Sep-18 Somerset Rural Life Museum  
Winter 2018/19    
05-Oct-18 Muchelney Abbey – from its obscure origins, through the Norman Conquest to the Dissolution  Stephen Honey
02-Nov-18 Talk on World War I – about the local lads who went to war and  the lasses role in the war Darren Berry
07-Dec-18 The Unfortunate Captain Pearce & the Wreck of the Holswel Phillip Brown
04-Jan-19 Members’ Evening – all welcome – With various talks, a quiz  
01-Feb-19 Roman History of Ilchester John Smith
01-Mar-19 Walter Bagehot – Langport’s Unknown  Celebrity Barry Winetrobe
05-Apr-19 The Lost Islands of Somerset Richard Brunning 
03-May-19 AGM followed by a talk – Parish Boundaries in and around Yeovil Jim Hart
Summer 2019    
07-Jun-19 Wells Cathedral & Vicar’s Close Tour   
05-Jul-19 Bruton Town Slideshow and Walkabout  Andy Pickering
21-Aug-19 Stalbridge House Excavations DJ Northan – Dorset Diggers
06-Sep-19 Sherborne Old Castle  Led by Brian and Moira Gittos

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