This article came from Chronicle published October 1980. Page: 10 and 12


Yesterday News and Society Publications


Advance Notice – ‘Yesterdays’ News

(Details supplied by the author)

‘Yesterday’s News’ will be the title of a work by our editor, Leslie Brooke, which tells the story of the Sherborne Mercury, the Western Flying Post, the Yeovil Times, and The Western Gazette. As with the ‘Book of Yeovil’ now in its second impression, the publication of his new book will depend on the prior guarantee of a minimum of 500 subscribers – the price to them will be £6.95, and once the list is closed the general edition will cost £9-50! The book tells first of the founding in Sherborne in 1737 of the Sherborne Mercury, followed by the Western Flying Post in Yeovil in 1744, and their amalgamation in 1749. Following chapters deal with how the paper was produced in those early days, the difficulties and hazards both in obtaining the news and distributing the paper, the production of a weekly magazine, and other ‘parts’ issues to accompany the paper, examples of items of news, letters, literary contributions, advertising, the story of the newspaper tax, and various owners. Then comes The Western Gazette in Yeovil with its early struggle, but meteoric rise to success and eventual takeover of the older publication – all told in an entertaining and readable manner. Appendices will include the Gazette’s ‘family tree’, a chronological table, and where file and microfilm copies are to be, found. The format will be about 9 x 6. ins in hardback cover and jacketed, the text consists of some 37,000 words and there will be about 25 pages of illustrative material, besides the appendices, an index, and list of subscribers. Details of how to place an order for subscribers’ copies will appear shortly in The Western Gazette, or, if desired names can be sent to the author, or handed to him at meetings of our Society – his address appears on the inside cover of this journal.

Back Cover – Society Publications

No.1 – THE ROMANS at Ilchester, Lufton, Yeovil and District, 1978 – L.C.Hayward

Liberally illustrated account of the Romans in the neighbourhood of Yeovil, as revealed by excavation and reconstruction. A few copies still available from the author, at £1.30 from local booksellers, or from the author 226 Goldcroft, Yeovil, (by post £1-50).

No.2 – STREET NAMES IN YEOVIL – Leslie Brooke – 1979 – This publication is now out of Print.

No.3 – BYGONE YEOVIL – L.C.Hayward and Leslie Brooke 1980

Profusely illustrated story of life in Yeovil, centred around St John’s parish church from pre-Reformation days, as revealed by church records. Obtainable from St. John’s church bookstall, or at Society meetings.£1-50. Proceeds from this publication are for the church restoration fund.