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Listing of Articles from Chronicle

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Volume Year Title   –   (Author)
Quizes The Chronicle – Mystery Objects Quiz for Year 2010 ; 2011
Chronicle – Journal of Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
Vol 1
1978-Sep Read Inside the Front Cover
Read Chairman’s Introduction & Letter from the Secretary – (Isabel Rendell and W.T.Chapman)
Read Editorial – (L.E.J.Brooke)
Read Summer Excursions
Read Looking Back – (Edgar Silcox)
Read The Parish Anvil – (L.E.J.Brooke)
Read Thomas Hardy and the Yeovil District – (N.J.Atkins)
Read The Parish Chest – 1, The Common Mind – (L.C.Hayward)
Read Pillow-Lace in Somerset – (Isabel Rendell)
Read Book News and Notices – (Pat Knight)
Read The Somerset & Dorset Family History Society – (Pat Knight)
Read Winter Programme – Church Intensive Study Project – A Society Library

Chronicle – Journal of Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
Read Inside Front & Back Cover – Society Details & Publications
Read Editorial – (L.E.J.Brooke)
Read Postbag and Additions to the Library – (L.E.J.Brooke & Pat Knight)
Read Meetings Reviewed – (Russ Clynick)
Read The Parish Chest – 2. Rogationtide – (L.C.Hayward)
Read Discovery in the United Reformed Church, Yeovil – (L.C.Hayward)
Read Rev. John Collinson – County Historian – (Winifred Oatway)
Read Nash Priory, East Coker – (R.G.Gilson)
Read Book Notices and News, Stop Press, Queries – (Pat Knight – Librarian)
Read Diary of Summer Excursions – Ham Hill – Yeovil Natural History Society
Read Constitution of the Society

Chronicle – Journal of Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
1979-Oct Read Inside Front & Back Cover – incl. Society Details & Publications
Read Editorial and YALHS Programmes – (L.E.J.Brooke)
Read Meetings Reviewed (incl. Wells Cathedral, Sutton Bingham, Buckfast Abbey, Mendips and Fyne Court – (Russ Clynick)
Read Some Useful Work – (W.T.J.Chapman)
Read A Plague Burial at Yeovil? – (L.C.Hayward)
Read Fashions of a Wedmore Family, 1816-1916 – (T. Joan Rendell)
Read The Parish Chest – 3, Pre-Reformation Ceremonies – (L.C.Hayward)
Read Ice Houses – (R.J.Clynick)
Read Book News and Notices also the Society’s Library – (Pat Knight)
Read Thirteenth Century Wall Paintings – (Mrs G.L.Brice)
Read Frog Mill, Mill Lane, Yeovil – (T.J.Cave)
Read Replies to Queries
Read Tintinhull Church Projects – (Pat Knight)
Read Snippets (Fire of 1622-Public Flogging 1614-Founderous Rd in 1611-Tippling Licence Revoked, 1617-Yeovil Brickworks, 1737)

Chronicle – Journal of Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
1980-Apr Read Inside Front & Back Cover – incl. Society Details & Publications New
Read Editorial; Publications; Museum Working Party New – (L.E.J.Brooke)
Read Meetings Reviewed (incl. Bretton Seymour, Current Archaeology in Somerset, Life & Laughter in Old Somerset, Somerset Peatlands, or Wetlands New – (Russ Clynick)
Read Former Restoration Work on St John’s Church, Yeovil New – (Leslie Brooke)
Read Childhood Memories New – (Arthur Denner)
Read Transcriptions of Memorial Tablets of South Street Baptist Church, Yeovil New – (Pat Knight and Joan Rendell)
Read A Note on the Origins of Yeovil Baptist Church New – (Isabel Rendell)
Read Ashington Church – A Lost Monuments New – (Brian and Moira Gittos)
Read Book News and Notices New – (Pat. Knight)
Read Canterbury Tales New – (W.T.J.Chapman)
Read Summer Excursions Programme New
Read Miscellaneous Items – Parnham Ice House; Reply to Query; Tintinhull Church Project New
Read Snippets – Ill Relished Beer; 2 Happy People; Petition of Poverty, 1609; Gift of a Pall; A 1646 Yeovil Epitaph New


Chronicle – Journal of Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
Vol 1(5)
1980-Oct Read Articles About Edgar Silcox Memorial Lecture; – Tintinhull Project; – Yeovil Museum working party; – 18c Yeovil dialect; – Aerial Archaeology; – Alfriston’s Clergy House; – The Kimmeridge Woman; – Wells Cathedral from Yeovil; – Illegal Yeovil cottages; – Constable of Yeovil Hundred, 1621; – New Book ‘Yesterday’s News’; – Sir Francis Drake at Yeovil; – Yeovil School of Music, 1893.
– – Individual Articles follow – –
Read Editorial also Edgar Silcox Memorial Lectures
Read Meetings Reviewed – (R.J.Clynick)
Read Yeovil Museum Working Party Report – (Mrs Pat Knight)
Read Addition’s to the Society’s Library also Book News and Notices – (Mrs Pat Knight)
Read Yeovil Dialect in the 18th century – (Miss Isabel Rendell)
Read Aerial Archaeology also Wells Cathedral from Yeovil – (W.T.J.Chapman)
Read The Clergy House at Alfriston – (R.J.Clynick)
Read Snippets – Illegal Cottages 1623; Constable of the Hundred Stone of Yeovil; School of Music 1893
Read The Kimmeridge Woman – (Mrs G.L.Brice)
Read Sir Francis Drake at Yeovil – (Leslie Brooke)
Read Yesterday News and Society Publications – (Leslie Brooke)


Chronicle – Journal of Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
1981-Mar Read Articles About Edgar Silcox Memorial Lecture; – Thoughts on a talk; – Yeovil Museum working party; – Field Survey Work; – Summer Excursions; – 60yrs Public Library Service in Yeovil; – Dr Sacheverell; – Bell-cage of East Bergholt; – Roman Invasion of the S-West; – More Ice Houses; – The Society Library; – Two Yeovil Marsh Field-Names; – Report on Pottery Recovered.


Chronicle – Journal of Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
1981-Oct Read Articles About Odcombe Baptist Burial Ground; – Tintinhull Churchyard Project; – Yeovil Museum working party; – An Unusual Vicarage; – Brookland Bell Tower; – Queen Victoria’s Hat; – A Prodigous Eel; – Constitution of the Society; – The Tabernacle; – The Society Library; – Society Publications;

Chronicle – Journal of Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
1980-Apr Read Editorial and Secretary’s Letter New – (Leslie Brooke and John Moon)
Read Meetings Reviewed New – (R.J.Clynick)
Read Museum Working Party also Proposed ‘Friends of Yeovil Museum’ New
Read Tintinhull Churchyard Project New – (Mrs.Pat Knight)
Read Yeovil Baptist Church also Odcombe Baptist Burial Ground New – (Clifford J.Ford)
Read Archaeology in the Classroom New – (Moira Gittos)
Read Yeovil Museum Exhibits, 2 An 18c Gown New – (T.Joan Rendell)
Read Lancashire Interlude New – (E.A.Batty)
Read Yeovil Library, 1928 New – (Eric Dove)
Read Kitchener’s Army Recruits in Yeovil New – (I.L.Brice)
Read Wells Cathedral’s “Kill Canon Corner” New – (Brian Gittos)
Read Book News and Notices also The Society’s Library New – (Pat Knight)
Read Prince of Orange at Yeovil, 1734 New – (Leslie Brooke)
Read Miscellaneous 1. The American Stonehenge 2. A North-West Passage Casualty of the 1850’s New – (1. T.Atkins and 2. Margery Clynick)
Read Snippets – 1. Query – Cirribus 2. Alehouses Suppressed in 1618
3. A 1613 Paternity Order 4. 1631 – Illegal Yeovil Grocer New

Chronicle – Journal of Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
Read Editorial and Secretary’s Letter
Read Meetings Reviewed – 1982 – (R.J.Clynick)
Read Museum Working Party also Friends of Yeovil Museum
Read Obituary – Thomas John Farley Cave
Read Winter Meetings and The Society’s Library – (Mrs Pat Knight – Librarian)
Read Burials in Mudford Road – (L.C.Hayward)
Read Snippets – Gloving in Beaminster and Parnam Ice-House – (Marie Eedle)
Read St John’s Church Lectern and Syon Convent – (Leslie Brooke)
Read Border Country – (Mrs I.L.Brice)
Read Yeovil Museum Exhibits 3 – Caps and Bonnets – (T.Joan Rendell)
Read Holy Trinity Church, Long Sutton – (B and M Gittos)
Read When Yeovil streets were lit by Oil and Gas – (Leslie Brooke)
Read Book News and Notices – (Mrs Pat Knight)

Chronicle – Complete Annuals will follow in due course
Vol 2(4)
1983-May Read The Central Cinema, Yeovil – (‘Geriatricus’ and Mrs.R.Brice)
Read A Projected Town Hall and Market – (L.C.Hayward)
Read The Durston to Yeovil Railway – (David Greenfield – SIAS Field Officer)
Read The West Mill, Sherborne, Restoration Project – (L.A.Denner)
Read Sunbonnets, Part 1 – (T.Joan Rendell)
Read Church Livestock – (Leslie Brooke)
Read Snippets – (1)A Yeovil ‘Nuisance’, 1675 – (2)A Vicious Mare – (3)Yeovil Church Sittings in the Sixteenth Century
Vol 2(5)
1983-Sep Read Of Historians, Local and Other – (E.A.Batty)
Read A Visit to Wells in 1896 – (L.A.Denner)
Read The Charles Tite Collection, Yeovil – (Robin Ansell)
Read Sunbonnets, Part 2 – (T.Joan Rendell)
Read Book Review: Frome Street and Place Names
Read Museum Working Party and ‘Friends’
Read Election of a Member of Parliament for Somerset, 1699
Read Snippets – An Illegal Chandler – Buried at Cross Roads – Repeal of Cyder Act – Velocipede Race at Yeovil, 1819
Vol 2(6)
1984-Apr Read A Yeovil Chantry – (Leslie Brooke)
Read A Yeovil Riot Remembered in Yorkshire – (W.T.Chapman)
Read Whitby & Son’s Bookshop & Yeovil Almanack for 1886 – (‘Geriatricus’)
Read Prosecutions for not Observing the Sabbath – (Leslie Brooke)
Read The Discovery of a Fragment of Saxon Cross Shaft at Shaftesbury – (B&M Gittos)
Read The History of the Quakers in Yeovil (Part 1) for Pt 2 see 2008 – (Muriel Gittos)
Read The Quedam Tomb – (L.C.Hayward)
Read Notes on Yeovil Museum Exhibits No4 – A Brocade Wedding Dress – (T.Joan Rendell)
Read The Posy Tree – (Isabel Rendell)
Vol 3(2)
1985-Apr Read An ‘Oppidum’ of he Durotriges at Ilchester – (P.J. Leach)
Read The Quedam – (L.C. Hayward)
Read Notes on Yeovil Museum Exhibits. No5 – (T.Joan Rendell)
Read Sherborne Assembly, 1738 – (From the Sherborne Mercury)
Read Nether Adber – (site of a deserted village near Yeovil) – (B&M Gittos)
Read Ham Hill Society – (B.C. Gittos)
Read Yeovil’s Vanished Inns – (Arthur Denner)
Read Disasterous Fire At Yeovil – (L.E.J.Brooke)
Read All On A Summer’s Day – (I.L. Brice)
Read The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art – (B&M Gittos)
Read Newspaper Roundsman Missing, 1737 (walk Sherborne to Taunton) – (From the Sherborne Mercury)
Vol 3(3)
1985-Oct Read A Survey of East Coker Churchyard, Somerset – (Moira Gittos)
Read Turbulent Priest: A Note on Peter Augustine Baines O.S.B. – (E.A. Batty)
Read A Mediaeval Table Tomb – The Conservator’s Tale – (Roger Harris)
Read Herblay – The French Connection – Yeovil’s Twin – (Moira Gittos)
Read One Aircraft and Nine Men (“Old Faithful ” flew over Wincanton) – (W.T.Chapman)
Vol 3(4)
1986-Apr Read Editorial and Secretary’s Letter – (W.T.Chapman & J.S. Moon)
Read SANHS Affiliated Societies Meeting: Yeovil: 5th October 1985 – (Russ Clynick)
Read Guided Visits During the Affiliated Societies Meeting – Sutton Bingham; East Coker; Newton Surmaville and Ninesprings
Read Apprentice Trouble in 1634 – (Quarter Sessions held at Wells)
Read Robert de Sambourne – (Leslie Brooke)
Read Londinium Basilica – (Paul Gardner)
Read The Charity School (Part 1 of 3) – (L.C. Hayward)
Read Obituary: The Late Mr Edwin A. Batty – (L.C. Hayward)
Read Littlecote House (a large Tudor manor near Hungerford, set in a huge park by the River Kennet.) – (I. Brice)
Read Book Review: Travel Diaries from Kingston Manor, Yeovil 1882-1886. – (Moira Gittos)
Vol 3(5)
1986-Nov Read A Re-Discovered Monument at Hinton St. George – (B&M Gittos)
Read Some Old Trades and Traders in Yeovil – (Leslie Brooke)
The Charity School (Part 2 of 3) – (Leonard Hayward)
Read Witchcraft in the Yeovil Area
Vol 4(1)
1987-Oct Read Recollections of the Great Western Railway – Yeovil to Taunton Branch Line (includes timetable) – (‘Geriatricus’)
Read Two 18th Century French Refugees in Dorset (Beaminster) – (Isabel M. Rendall)
Read Yeovil Improvements Proposed in 1911 – (Leslie Brooke)
Read Memorials of the Past (Yeovil seems to be ever–changing) – (Irene Brice)
Brympton D’Evercy, Somerset – (B&M Gittos)
Vol 4(2)
1988-Apr Read Yeovil Church Accounts 1457-8 – (Leslie Brooke)
Read Who Remembers Former Library? also YALHS Visit New Library – (R.Brice & Brian Gittos)
Vol 4(3)
1988-Nov Read Military Effigy From South Petherton – (B&M Gittos)
Read Schooldays in Yeovil in the 1890’s – (Leslie Brooke)
Vol 7(2)
1997-Apr Read He ‘Dyed’ in the King’s Service – (Jack Sweet)
Vol 7(3)
1997-Nov Read Anglo-Scandinavian? Beast Head in Hardington Mandeville Church – (B&M Gittos)
Read A Quartet of Churches (Trent, Dorset; Long Sutton, Somerset; Wincanton, Somerset; Beaminster, Dorset) – (Jack Sweet)
Read A Russian Experience (A member goes on holiday) – (Harry Jelley)
Vol 8(6)
2004-Nov Read A Glimpse at the Yeovil School Archaeological Society – (Jack W Sweet)
Vol 9(1)
2005-Dec Read The Yeovil World War II Balloon Defences – (Duncan Black with David Hunt)
Read St Nicholas Church In Death They Were Not Divided – (Jack Sweet)
Read Bronze Age Spearhead From Ashington Wood (Just to the north of Yeovil) – (Brian Gittos)
Read St Urith of Chittlehampton – (B&M Gittos)
Vol 9(2)
2006-Nov Read The Walter Commonplace Book – (B&M Gittos)
Vol 9(3)
2007-Nov Read Newton Surmaville House also Obituary: Mrs Sophia Rawlins – (B&M Gittos)
Read Hinton Farm Documents No:4 John Old Goodford – (Steve Bartlett)
Vol 9(4)
2008-Oct Read A History of the Quakers in Yeovil (Part 2) for Pt 1 see 1984 – (Muriel Searle)
Read The Cerne Abbas Giant Restoration – (B&M Gittos)
Vol 9(5)
2009-Nov Read Church Tales (from Combe St. Nicholas; Dowlish Wake; Wincanton) – (Jack Sweet)
Vol 9(6)
2010-Nov Read The Ham Hill Stone Churchyard Cross at Drayton – (B&M Gittos)
Vol 10(1)
2011-Nov Read A Glimpse into Rail Travel 1861 Style – (Jean Harper)
Read Memorabilia of the Keyse Family – (Roger Keyse with B Gittos)
Vol 10(4)
2014-Nov Read King Ine of Wessex – (Jean Harper)
Read The Excavations at Lopen and Dinnington – (Hugh Prudden)
Vol 10(5)
2015-Nov Read Commemoration At Muchelney Before The Reformation – (B&M Gittos)
Read The Death of Henry Turberville – (Marion Dutch)
Vol 10(6)
2016-Nov Read Yeovil Roman Coin Hoard – (Steve Minnitt – Somerset Heritage)
Vol 11(1)
2017-Nov Read Yeovil General Hospital: A History by Dr Charles Marsh 1880-1926 – (Jean Harper)


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