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Quizes The Chronicle – Mystery Objects Quiz for Year 2010 ; 2011
1982-Oct Read Museum Working Party also Friends of Yeovil Museum
Read Burials in Mudford Road
Read St John’s Church Lectern and Syon Convent
Read Border Country
Read Yeovil Museum Exhibits 3 – Caps and Bonnets
Read Holy Trinity Church, Long Sutton
Read When Yeovil streets were lit by Oil and Gas
1983-May Read The Central Cinema, Yeovil New
Read A Projected Town Hall and Market New
Read The Durston to Yeovil Railway New
Read The West Mill, Sherborne, Restoration Project New
Read Sunbonnets New
Read Church Livestock New
Read Snippets – (1)A Yeovil ‘Nuisance’, 1675 – (2)A Vicious Mare – (3)Yeovil Church Sittings in the Sixteenth Century New
1984-Apr Read A Yeovil Chantry
Read A Yeovil Riot Remembered in Yorkshire
Read Whitby & Sons’ Bookshop & Yeovil Almanack for 1886
Read Prosecutions for not Observing the Sabbath
Read The Discovery of a Fragment of Saxon Cross Shaft at Shaftesbury
Read The History of the Quakers in Yeovil (Part 1) for Pt 2 see 2008
Read The Quedam Tomb
Read Notes on Yeovil Museum Exhibits No4 – A Brocade Wedding Dress
Read The Posy Tree
1985-Apr Read An ‘Oppidum’ of he Durotriges at Ilchester
Read The Quedam
Read Notes on Yeovil Museum Exhibits. No5
Read Sherborne Assembly, 1738
Read Nether Adber – (site of a deserted village near Yeovil)
Read Ham Hill Society
Read Yeovil’s Vanished Inns
Read Disasterous Fire At Yeovil
Read All On A Summer’s Day
Read The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art
Read Newspaper Roundsman Missing, 1737
1985-Oct Read A Survey of East Coker Churchyard, Somerset
Read Turbulent Priest: A Note on Peter Augustine Baines O.S.B.
Read A Mediaeval Table Tomb – The Conservator’s Tale
Read Herblay – The French Connection – Yeovil’s Twin
Read One Aircraft and Nine Men
1986-Nov Read A Re-Discovered Monument at Hinton St. George
Read Some Old Trades and Traders in Yeovil
  Read Witchcraft in the Yeovil Area
1987-Oct Read Recollections of the Great Western Railway – Yeovil to Taunton Branch Line (includes timetable)
Read Two 18th Century French Refugees in Dorset
Read Yeovil Improvements Proposed in 1911
Read Brympton D’Evercy Somerset
1988-Apr Read Yeovil Church Accounts 1457-8
Read Who Remembers Former Library? also YALHS Visit New Library
1988-Nov Read Military Effigy From South Petherton
Read Schooldays in Yeovil in the 1890’s
1997-Apr Read He ‘Dyed’ in the King’s Service
1997-Nov Read Anglo-Scandinavian? Beast Head in Hardington Mandeville Church
Read A Quartet of Churches
Read A Russian Experience
2004 Read A Glimpse at the Yeovil School Archaeological Society
2005 Read The Yeovil World War II Balloon Defences
Read St Nicholas Church In Death They Were Not Divided
Read Bronze Age Spearhead From Ashington Wood
Read St Urith of Chittlehampton
2006 Read The Walter Commonplace Book
2007 Read John Old Goodford
Read Newton Surmaville House also Obituary: Mrs Sophia Rawlins
2008 Read A History of the Quakers in Yeovil:Part 2 for Pt 1 see 1984
Read The Cerne Abbas Giant Restoration
2009 Read Church Tales
2010 Read The Ham Hill Stone Churchyard Cross at Drayton
2011 Read A Glimpse into Rail Travel 1861 Style
Read Memorabilia of the Keyse Family
2014 Read King Ine of Wessex
Read The Excavations at Lopen and Dinnington
2015 Read Commemoration At Muchelney Before The Reformation
Read The Death of Henry Turberville
2016 Read Yeovil Roman Coin Hoard
2017 Read Yeovil General Hospital: A History by Dr Charles Marsh 1880-1926

All YALHS talks start at 7:30pm and are held at the Holy Trinity Church & Community Centre, Lysander Road, YEOVIL, BA20 2BU (Non-members Welcome – £2 at the door)

Click >H e r e for a Detailed Programme

Summer Programme 2018
Tue 12th Jun – Guided Tour Weymouth Museum
Fri 6th Jul – South Petherton Walkabout
August – Visit an Archaeological Site
Fri 6th Sep – Visit Somerset Rural Life Museum

Winter Talks 2018/19
Fri 5th Oct – Muchelney Abbey – from its obscure origins, through the Norman Conquest to the Dissolution
Fri 2nd Nov – Talk on the World War One – about the local lads who went to war and the lasses role in the war
Fri 5th Dec – The Unfortunate Captain Pearce & the wreck of the Holswel
Fri 4th Jan 19 – Members’ Evening – all welcome – Join us for various talks, a quiz and light refreshments
Fri 1st Feb – Roman History of Ilchester
Fri 2nd Mar – Walter Bagehot – Langport’s Unknown Celebrity Brought forward from last year
5th Apr (Fri) ‘The Lost Islands of Somerset’
3rd May (Fri) AGM followed by a talk – Parish Boundaries in and around Yeovil – (Non-members – free entrance!) – bring a friend

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