This article came from Chronicle published March 1981. Page:10


Bell-cage of East Bergholt

Author: Mrs.M.Craig


Whilst holidaying in the Suffolk Stour Valley, we came to East Bergholt, the birthplace of John Constable, R.A., but the house has long since disappeared. His parents are buried in the N.E. corner of the churchyard.

The church dates from about 1350 and was altered in the 15th century. In 1525 a tower was begun at the expense of Cardinal Wolsey, but on his death in 1530 work was stopped owing to lack of funds. Now having nowhere to hang, their bells, a bell-cage was built in 1531 at the side of the church, It is unique that the bells – one of which is dated 1450 are rung not by a rope and wheel, but by the force of hands on the wooden headstocks. Owing to the close proximity to the bells ear-muffs have to be worn by the ringers. It is believed to be the only bell-cage in the country.