This article came from Chronicle published October 1982. Page: 34


Winter Meetings and The Society’s Library

Author: Mrs Pat Knight (Librarian)


Winter Programme

1 October 1982
Montacute – Village and House – Speaker: Mr A.S.Clark

5 November
Bridges up the Valley of the River Stour – Speaker: Mr A.J.Wallis

3 December
Annual General Meeting* followed by
The Town Hall Clock – Speakers: Mr E Dove and Mrs P.Swetman

7 January
Church Monuments

4 February – Silcox Memorial Lecture
Wells Cathedral – A living place of worship for 100 years an progress with the restoration of the West Front – Speaker: The Very Revd. Dr P.Mitchell

4 March
History of Gas Lighting (Film) – Presented by: Mr D.Gledhill

8 April
Archaeology round Bridgwater – Speaker: Mrs M.Langdon

*NB nominations for the office of Chairman (since Miss I.Rendell’s term of office ends this year) and three committee members are required. It would. be appreciated if these are in the hands of the Secretary in advance in order to allow the maximum of time for the speakers who will follow the business part of the evening. Members should ensure nominees are willing to allow their names to be put forward.

The Society’s Library

Pat Knight

The following have been added to the Society’s Library and are available for loan to members.

Historical Association pamphlets (kindly donated by Mr M.Lindley):

G12 Ket’s Rebellion 1549
G13 The English domestic servant in history
G14 The early medieval State
G15 Copernicus and the reformation of astronomy
G16 The Rebellion of Jack Cade 1450
G17 The medieval Empire
G19 Numismatics and History
G20 John Knox
G24 The Byzantine Empire on the eve of the Crusades
G25 The council of the North
G26 Ranke
G27 Edward III and David II
G28 English History through Foreign Eyes
G29 Penruddock’s rising 1655
C30 The undergrowth of history
G31 The Great Charter
G32 Common errors in Scottish history
G33 John Calvin
G34 Libralism in the 19th century Europe
G35 Limited Monarchy in Great Britain in the 18th century
G39 The origins of the first World War
G40 The German revolution
G41 Tudor enclosures