This article came from the Chronicle published October 1985.  Page 66


Of Interest –
Birds in Church;
Brass Rubbing &
Illegal Cattle Trade



Two examples of nuisance being caused by birds in St. John’s church, Yeovil, occur in the churchwardens’ accounts. The first, in 1566, reads:

Pde for Birdlime to take the Birds that did haunt ye C – – 1d. and the second, in 1712,

Pd for Wyer to Stopp the Chancell Window to keep the owles out of the Church and for Robert Pudding putting it up – 1s. 6d.

GIFT TO THE SOCIETY – 80 Brass Rubbings

The Society has been very pleased and honoured to receive from the Misses Rendell the gift of a collection of nearly 80 brass rubbings which they have made over recent years. They are all beautifully executed and the collection includes some of special interest. The collection is numbered and catalogued under county and country (there are one or two from the Continent). It is proposed to reproduce the catalogue in ‘Chronicle’, starting in the Spring issue, 1986. It is hoped that eventually the rubbings can be housed with the Society’s Library but for the present they are in my possession and if there is anyone who wishes to refer to them they should ‘phone me, giving the catalogue number if available, so that I can get them ready. The rubbings form a very valued addition to the Society’s assets and we are extremely grateful to the Misses Rendell for presenting them to us.


‘Information exhibited by Thomas Warrie against . . . Laurence Nelrellyn of Yevell, etc., husbandman, . . . for buying and selling of live cattle contrary to the form of the Statute de Anno quinto et sexto Edri esxti. – Court of Quarter Sessions held at Taunton 8-10 July 1628.

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