This article came from the Chronicle published April 1986.  Page 68-69


Editorial and Secretary’s Letter



The last edition of Chronicle was the first to be duplicated at the Preston Centre and the result was the production of a good clean copy which seems to have been appreciated by members. This edition will be the last to be typed by Mrs. Poole whose work has been greatly appreciated by the Chronicle team and we wish her well in her new home. On the theme of new homes, members may like to know the new address of Joan and Isobel Rendell which is:-

64, Jocelyn Drive,
Wells, Somerset.
BA5 2HA    Tel: Wells 72871.

They are keen to maintain their long established involvement in the society. The Y.A.L.H.S. is undergoing a period of change with new faces on the committee and a new venue for the winter meetings later this year. It is for everyone in the society to make the most of these new opportunities with wholehearted support – such as volunteering to type Chronicle!

There has been an encouraging volume of material for the present edition but I would like to renew the plea for members not to forget to put pen to paper during the busy summer months. Finally, please note the International Standard Serial Number) which Chronicle now displays on its front cover to show that it is officially registered with the British Library as a Journal.

W.T. Chapman


Having just returned from a winter holiday in a warm climate to freezing weather I am finding it extremely difficult to get down to concentrating on Society affairs. Looking back over events since the last issue of  ‘Chronicle’ was prepared, there are three things that come to mind as calling for special comment. Firstly the visit to Kingston Lacy House last September. We were very lucky indeed to be able to go over this house on one of the preview days before its general opening to the public by the National Trust this year. I think that we were all impressed first by the amount of work that had gone into its virtual reconstruction and secondly by the collection of paintings, all newly restored, by a variety of masters. About a month later came the Annual Joint Meeting of the Societies associated with the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society which we hosted at the Preston Centre. Excellent speakers, instructive guided tours, interesting displays, generous refreshments and fine weather combined to make a very successful and memorable day. The third matter for mention as far as I am concerned personally was to have the duplicating of  ‘Chronicle’ done by the Preston Centre, an arrangement that I hope will continue. For the last several issues we have never quite known now this would be none (and this is not to decry the help that I have had) and to nave it all done in 48 hours for little more than the cost of the paper was a great relief.

Next season will see a change in our winter meetings. For ten years we have enjoyed the hospitality of the Library Service in having the use of the Reference Room for our monthly meetings, thanks to the kindness of Mr. Dove and his staff. As from September next, because of the long overdue building of a new Library, the room will not be available and our meetings will be held at the Preston Centre, Monksdale off Preston Road. The new venue will be less convenient for some and I hope that members with cars will step in to help those who do not have their own transport. It will also cost us a little more, 30p. for room hire which will be collected at the door instead of the 20p. which up to now has gone into the Society’s funds. There will however be more space which should enable us to increase attendance and our membership without the overcrowding which I am sure has inhibited some from coming. The change is not necessarily permanent as when the new library is completed we may be invited back there, but for now it remains to record our very sincere thanks to Mr. Dove, Mrs Swetman and the Library Staff for their hospitality to the Society over the last ten years.

Our Annual General Meeting last December brought about some changes in our Committee. After serving for eleven or twelve years, Leslie Brooke did not wish to stand for re-election. Quite apart from the years when he unaided produced (edited, typed, duplicated and collated) ‘Chronicle’, he has been a pillar of the Society in many ways and we will sadly miss his strength to the Society in many ways and we will sadly miss his advice at Committee meetings. He has emphasised that he will still be available to help us when required, perhaps as an elder statesman (my words, not his) and I for one will be taking advantage of this.

The rather regrettable lack of nominations for Committee members left us with vacancies and we have been fortunate in being able to co-opt two ladies both quite new to the Society to fill them. Miss Jill Garner is already deeply involved in under-studying our Treasurer, who has plans to move nearer to London during the year. Mrs. Barbara Shepherd is very active in community affairs and brings a very valuable link with the Yeovil Community Arts Association. We welcome them both.

J.S. Moon