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This article came from the Chronicle published April 1988. Pages 34 and 54-55 


Author: R.Brice


YALHS Visit New Library

Author: Brian Gittos


Monday, 7th September 1987, saw the opening of our new and spacious Public Library. I wonder how many of our members remember a former library in the Victoria Hall, South Street (now the Day Centre) opened by Miss K.M.Chaffey, in 1920. The hall was then very different to its present bright and cheerful appearance. It was a dark and gloomy place, or so it seemed to me as a child. Worn, plain wooden stairs led up to a bare room, bare except for the magic of books. Most probably, there were only a 100 or so volumes, but on this first visit to a library, to see shelves of books all waiting for me to choose from which were all free for me to borrow again and again, was just wonderful. Here was endless delight waiting for me to enjoy. My love affair with libraries has continued over the past 60 years.

Strangely, it is said the Carnegie Trustees offered £2,500 in 1903, to establish a free town library but so many arguments, criticism and objections were raised that the offer was withdrawn in 1914. The Victoria Hall housed the library until 1922, when it was moved to the Flax Room above the South Street Fire Station. In 1928 it moved to the newly built premises in King George Street which have just been vacated.

Winter Excursion
YALHS Visit New Library

13th November YEOVIL LIBRARY: Following the opening of Yeovil’s new Library on 7th September 1988 a special invitation was made by Mr.Eric Dove for the Society to visit the new building. This addition to the programme was duly arranged at short notice but nevertheless a large group of members attended this after hours event. After coffee and biscuits on the third floor, Mr.Dove welcomed the visitors and briefly explained the long saga of Yeovil’s attempts to obtain a new library. However, it had materialised at last and Yeovilians could be justly proud of the finest Library in Somerset. Members were invited to explore the Library with staff on hand to explain the function of the different sections.