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Current Programme

Are you interested in history and archaeology, particularly of Yeovil and its surrounding towns & villages?
YALHS talks start at 7:30 pm (prompt), On the 1st Friday of the month, Oct – May. We also organise regular visits to archaeological digs and historical sites during the summer months.

       Winter Programme – 2019/20
Friday 4th October – ‘The Roman History of Ilchester’ (the  Roman occupation of Ilchester and the surrounding area with items to show and talk about, up to AD 427 – end of coinage – in the reign of  Roman ‘Western Emperor’  Valentinian III)
Speaker – John Smith

Friday 1st November – ‘The Roman Conquest of the South West’ (economy, landscape, way of life etc. And the reorganisation of the South West from military to civil)
Speaker – Derek Gore

Friday 6th December – ‘Rural Poverty in South Somerset – 1881 Census’ (based on
Wincanton Workhouse and covering all surrounding villages)
Speaker – Chris Forrester

Friday 3rd January 2020Members’ Evening – all welcome
With various talks, a quiz and refreshments
(Tell Andy or Brian if you would like to give a talk)

Friday 7th February – ‘The History of Carnivals in Somerset’ – (Carnival has a 400 year history in Somerset beginning with bonfires and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes in Bridgwater. Torchlight processions followed, therefore starting the tradition of carnival processions, which have developed over 400 years to the spectacular processions of today.) added 30Jun19
Speaker – John Dando

Friday 6th March – ‘The Knights Templar‘ – (Founded around 1118 to protect pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, the Templars were among a number of orders formed in the wake of the Crusades which combined the ideals of knighthood with religious vows. The talk will examine their foundation, the ways in which they developed their landed properties in western Europe to support their functions in the Holy Land, and the circumstances which led to their dramatic suppression in 1312.) added 24May19
Speaker – James Bond

Friday 3rd April – ‘Money Through Time‘ – the study of the history of coinage. added 13Jun19
Speaker – Laura Burnett – Finds Liaison Officer for the South West Heritage Trust

Friday 1st May – A short AGM – followed by a talk

Talks are held at the Holy Trinity Church and Community Centre, Lysander Rd, Yeovil, BA20 2BU. Members free, Non-members £2.

Individuals £10; Couples £15; Family £18; Juniors/Students £2.
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Winter Talks-2019/20

Fri 4th Oct – The Roman History of Ilchester

Fri 1st Nov – The Roman Conquest of the South West

Wed 6th Dec – Rural Poverty in South Somerset

Fri 3rd Jan 2020 – Members’ Evening – all welcome

Fri 7th Feb – The History of Carnivals in Somerset

Fri 6th Mar – The Knights Templar

Fri 3rd Apr – Money Through Time

Fri 1st May – A short AGM – followed by a talk

Yeovil-St-Johns-Chancel-Roof BOSS From the Clynick Collection (1980's) - Cadbury-Camp-2 From the Clynick Collection (1980's) - Roman-Villa - 16 Ham Hill trench 3 From the Clynick Collection (1980's) - Roman-Pavemant- 12 From the Clynick Collection (1980's) - St-Albans-9