1978-Sep-pg1_Chairman’s Introduction & Letter from the Secretary

1978-Sep-pg1_Chairman’s Introduction & Letter from the Secretary

This article came from the Chronicle published September 1978. Page 1





It is with great pleasure I write this brief introduction to our new venture, ‘Chronicle ‘, the brain-child of the quietly active and efficient Publications Sub-Committee which was formed last-winter. It is hoped that this will become a regular production, but a great deal will depend upon the co-operation of the members of the Society. We believe there are many talents hidden amongst you and many special interests that you would like to share, and it is our hope that ‘Chronicle ‘ will become a vehicle for the expression-of these byways of knowledge and for enquiries concerning them – so letters, notes and articles, long or short, are invited by the Editor, Mr Leslie Brooke. Do not say to yourself, ‘This is only a detail, not important enough’, for history is made up of little, everyday details that someone, somewhere, has remembered and recorded. We hope that ‘Chronicle ‘ will become a repository of such memories and we know, with the example of ‘The Book of Yeovil’ before us, that Leslie Brooke is the very person, to make wise use of all such material.

I would like to thank the sub-committee for the hard thinking and hard labour that has given birth to ‘Chronicle ‘, and our thanks are also due to the other members of the General Committee who have undertaken the actual physical task of rolling off by hand 100 copies of each page of this production – over 1,500 pages all told! By this publication the Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society is adding, we hope, a useful footnote to history.

Isabel Rendell.


Dear Members,

It gives me great pleasure to be able to write this short note in our own publication.

Thanks to the legacy left by our Founder Members we have a healthy and soundly-based Society with a full and varied annual programme.

The advent of Chronicle gives us an opportunity to record items of historical and archaeological interest relating to our area, thus ensuring that we are in closer harmony with the aims of our Constitution.

It is hoped that many of you will be in a position to contribute to our own publication.

Kind regards,

(Signed) William T.J.Chapman,

Honorary Secretary.