1979-Apr-pg18_The Constitution of the Society

1979-Apr-pg18_The Constitution of the Society

This article came from the Chronicle published April 1979. Page 18


Constitution of the Society


Title amended to: Yeovil. Archaeological and Local History Society in 1960.


The objects of this Club are:

To investigate by excavation or other means the archaeological remains of this area within a radius of 24 miles (more or less) of Yeovil;

To publish accounts of the original work of the club;

To organize meetings for lectures, discussion, reading of papers, or exhibition of objects;

To do such other things as are incidental to the attainment of these aims.

Members shall be either foundation members or elected by the committee of the club (society) on nomination by any member. Full members shall pay a subscription of 7/6 per annum, (70p); 12/6 double (£1); junior members up to 21 years 2/6 p.a. (25p) without voting powers; Members more than 12 months in arrears with subscriptions may be removed from membership by the committee.

MANAGEMENT AND OFFICERS      (As amended October 1959)

The control of the Club (Society) shall be in the hands of a committee of six members – a chairman, plus three members elected at the Annual General Meetings, and two co-opted by the elected members.

The committee shall appoint the following officers, not necessarily from their own members:

A Secretary- Treasurer,
An Editor of Publications.

The quorum at all committee meetings shall be three. Minutes of all committee meetings shall be kept.

An annual report and statement of accounts shall be presented at each Annual General Meeting.


The committee or any individual member shall have the power to propose any alteration or addition to the rules of the Club (Society) for submission to members for confirmation or rejection at an Annual General Meeting, provided that not less than one month’s notice of such alteratons or addition has been given BEFORE the date of the Annual General Meeting.


The committee shall select a Director for any excavations undertaken by the Club (Society), and shall not be restricted to a member of the Club (Society). The disposal of any finds shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

Members may introduce one guest free to any meeting other than the Annual General Meeting.

(Note: The words and figures enclosed by parentheses are of subsequent amendments to the constitution of the Society as at first formulated.)