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This article came from the Chronicle published September 1978. Page 13

(Fire of 1622 – Public Flogging 1614 – Founderous Road in 1611 – Tippling Licence Revoked, 1617 – Yeovil Brickworks, 1737)


A YEOVIL FIRE OF 1622 (pg11)
From Quarter Sessions records, Ilchester, 22-24 April 1623.

On the humble petition of Roger Wood, John Tucker, Reyginold Woodall, and Giles Mitchell of Yevel, as also on the humble request of the Portreeve, Burgesses, Ministers, and other inhabitants of Yevell, that upon the 23rd December last past,, the houses of the said petitioners were burnt to the ground with goods to the value of 2001i whereby they are utterly undone: Ordered that the four petitioners shall have 201i from the Treasurer of the Hospitals of the western division, to be divided among them according to the discretion of the next Justice of Peace.

Order made on 23 April 1614 that Dorothy Wootten, the known mother of a base child . . . shall be openly whipped at Evell on the Market Day after the next Ilchester Sessions (held 3-5 May 1614) – Quarter Sessions records.

Presentment at Ivellchester iijo day of April, 1611, that the market way leading unto Evyll and Sherborne is ffoundurous, – Sessions Roll Book XI.

At Ilchester Sessions in 1617 ‘John Whitticke of Evell, his licence taken from him, and to tipple no more’.

The following advertisement appeared in The Sherborne Mercury, or Weekly Advertiser, Issue 21, dated Tuesday 12 Ju1y, 1737:

To be sold
At YEOVIL in the County of Somerset,
By Messieurs Henry Penny, Edward Boucher,
and Hugh Tinfley, MAKERS.

All Sorts of BRICKS and TILES, via. Pan, Plain, Hip, Gutter, and Ridge Tiles: Bricks for Building or Paving made of fine durable Clay, and done in the most Workman-like Manner, at the following Prices, viz. Bricks at 16 Shillings a Thousand; Hollow Pantiles, at £2 10s. a Thousand, with which the Proprietor will undertake to cover any House as cheap as with Thatch; and Plain Tiles at £1 5s. Hips, Gutters, and Ridge Tiles at 1s.6d. a Dozen: Bricks for Paving well polish’d and jointed at £1 los. a Thousand.

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