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Author: Pat Knight and Joan Rendell


Eight memorial tablets which were formerly on the walls of the above church, were removed during redecoration some 10 – 15 years ago. No.1 is now housed in one of the rooms at the back of the church, but the remainder are all outside, exposed to the elements, and rapidly deteriorating. The black and red pigment of the incised lettering is becoming eroded, and it was thought desirable to place on record the inscriptions while they still remain reasonably legible. They are as follow:

1    White marble memorial stone in form of unfurled scroll. Incised lettering with black inlay. 54cm wide x 70cm high.

In memory of our beloved Father
April 7th 1908
in his 64th year
This tablet is enacted by his children.
He was connected with this
Church and Sunday School
for over 60 years, for the
last 16 of which he served as deacon.
To faith love and duty he was ever true.

2    White marble tablet with black inlaid lettering. 30.75cm high x 61.75cm wide.

who died September 13th 1669, Aged 86 years
and was interred in Yeovil Cemetery
He was baptized June 30 1805. Chosen as deacon in 1808
and faithfully discharged the duties of this office
for more than 60 years.
He was also for many years
A successful preacher of the Gospel
in the neighbouring villages.
This tablet is erected by the Church and congregation in loving memory of
his long life of devotion to their spiritual. welfare.

3    White marble memorial stone with black inlaid lettering. 46.5cm wide x 53.5cm high.

Sacred to the memory
who died May 22, 1867,
Aged 55 years.
He was for many years useful and consistent
member,-and of late,
a deacon,-of this churchs:
“serving the Lord with all
Humility of mind.”
Erected by the church and congregation.

4    White marble memorial tablet with black inlaid lettering. 61cm wide x 30cm high.

Sacred to the memory of
17 years pastor of this church,
(during whose ministry this chapel was erected)
He was a faithful minister of Christ
The truth he preached in his life,
sustained him in the hour of death;
His last words were ‘It is well,Christ is all’
He died the 12th November 1841, Aged. 40 years
The church and congregation
who loved him and knew his worth
Have erected this tablet to his memory

5    White marble tablet with black lettering inlaid. 67.5cm wide x 36cm high.

This tablet is erected by the members of its
church and congregation in loving memory of
who died June 9th 1884, aged 68
He was pastor of this church 41 years
and was pre-eminent for simplicity, humility and
holiness of life, and for faithfullness and
earnestness as a preacher of the Gospel.
Remember them who had rule over you who
spike unto you the word of God and considering
the end of their course, imitate their faith
Hebrew VIII-7.

6    Brass (?) tablet with ornate decoration of architectural arches and columns in black inlay, with lettering in black inlay with red inlay capital letters. 52cm wide x 53.5cm high.

In loving memory of
who died April 22, 1881, aged 65 years
for 47 years he was a member of this
Church, and for 17 years held the office
of Deacon,as an employer he was held.
in high estimation by those he employed,
As a member & Deacon of the Church, he
was sympathetic and generous, as a husband
& father he was loving and beloved
He died “Looking for the mercy of our
Lord Jesus Christ unto Eternal Life.”

7    Brass (?) tablet in the same size and style as No.6

This tablet is erected to the
memory of JOHN ALDRIDGE for 47 years
he was a member and for 28 years a beloved
Deacon of this Church. His sons & daughters
revere his memory : the Church feels deeply
in debted to him for much valuable service,
and no Minister could wish for a more
sympathetic helpful and loving friend
Departed this life February 19th 1892
Aged 79.

8    Brass (?) tablet in same style and size as Nos. 6 and 7.

This tablet was erected by his
children in loving memory of
who died July 28th 1890 Aged 75 for
Eleven years he held the office of
Deacon in this Church & discharged its
duties with such devotedness, faithfullness
& generosity as to secure the confidence
and love of his fellow members.

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