1980-Apr-pg15-16_Book News and Notices

1980-Apr-pg15-16_Book News and Notices

This article came from Chronicle published April 1980. Pages: 15-16



Author: Pat. Knight


Some recent, publications of interest to readers:

Geoffrey Ashe. The Glastonbury Tor Maze (at the Foot of the Tree. 1979. 60p.) Study by the author of ‘The Quest for Arthur’s Britain’ and ‘King Arthur’s Avalon’ of the evidence that the horizontal ridges around the Tor are the remains of an ancient spiral maze.

J.H.Bettey. Church and Community (Moonraker Press, 1979. £5-95)
Examines the Church of England since medieval times as a dominating force in ‘local goverment’, the ways in which money was raised to build churches and the social influence of ‘church ales’, the changing styles of church decoration, the impact of the Reformation and Civil War on parish affairs, and the changing role of the church in 19th century industrial England.

Leslie Brooke. The Book of Yeovil
(Barracuda Books Ltd, 1978, 2nd impression, 1980. £10.50)
Reprint of the history of the town by our editor.

Leslie Brooke and Leonard Hayward. Bygone Yeovil (Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society. 1980. £1.50)
No.3 of our Society’s publications, published to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the commencement of the present church of St.John the Baptist, Yeovil. Profusely illustrated account of the relationship between the Church and townspeople, as gleaned from documents in the Parish Chest.

J.Stevens Cox, editor. Ilchester and District. Occasional Papers
No.15 Ilchester borough records of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries
(Toucan Press. 1979. £1.20 ISBN 085694 1689)
Extracts from the original manuscripts in the Somerset Record Office with translation.
No.16 Ilchester references in 16th, 17th 18th and 19th century topographical writings and early directories. (Toucan Press. 1979. 90p)
Fourteen references from 1542 (Leland) to 1919 (Kelly’s Directory) with 22 illustrations.
No.17 Report on the state of Ilchester Gaol, 1822. (Toucan Press. 1979. 90p ISBN 0 85694 180 8) Photocopy of original report with 8 added illustrations.

Jeffrey J.Gillard. Thick on the Ground: a story of Van Dieman’s Land and of free settler – George Gillard, his ancestors and descendants 1572-1809-1978 (Printed by the author in Melbourne, Victoria, June 1978, Limited edn. Unpriced) Story of the Gillard family of Martock from the first recorded member of the family in 1564 to George and Agnes Gillard who emigrated to Australia in 1842.

Ronald Good. The Lost Villages of Dorset. (The Dovecote Press. 1979. £6.95) Account of the pattern of settlement of Dorset’s villages and hamlets over the past 100 years, and traces the changes which have taken place due to invasion, open-field farming, enclosure, the Reformation, the advent of turnpikes and railways, the agricultural depression of the late 19th century, etc.

R.Hatfield. Ilminster Girls’ Grammar School: the story of a quiet revolution.
(Available from the authoress, ‘White Cottage’ £2.75 – or £3 incl.p & p)
Record of the school from 1879-1971 as shown in the Governors’ Minutes, School Magazines, and reminiscences of old girls.

Michael McGarvie. Bowling green Mill (Avalon Leatherboard Co Ltd. 1980. £4.95) History of the mill to mark the centenary of the Avalon Leatherboard Co.
at Bowling green Mill, Street, in 1978, which is part of C & J Clark of Street.
Argyll House, Frome: a family and architectural history. (Frome Historical Research Group Occasional Paper No.2. 1979. £1, obtainable from 21 Wine St., Frome, Somerset.)
Detailed history of the small mansion known as Argyll House in Gentle Street.

Patrick Palgrave-Moore. How to record your family tree. (Livery Dowers. 1979, £1)
Book written for both amateur genealogist and the more experienced researcher explaining the best method of recording information obtained from family history researches.

Somerset Record Society, Vol.75 – The Somersetshire Quarterl Meeting of the Society of Friends 1668-1699 edited by Stephen C.Morland. (SRS 1978) Volume in the Somerset Record Society series publishing the minutes of the Quarterly Meeting book from 1668 to the end of 1699, which shows the growth and development of Quakerism in Somerset in this period. Many Yeovil references.

Ralph Whitlock. Historic Forests of England (Moonraker Press. 1979. £8.95) Traces the history of the indigenous forests of England from the earliest times and demonstrates the significant part they have played in English life.
In Search of Lost Gods: Guide to British Folklore (Phaidon Press Ltd. 1979. £7.97 hardback, £4.95 Paperback)
General guide to British folklore by the author of ‘The Folklore of Wiltshire; ‘The Folklore of Devon’, and ‘A Calendar of Country Customs’.
Royal Farmers (Michael Joseph. 1980. £9.50)
Foreword by Prince Philip. Traces the development of agricultural cultivation and systems of land tenure in this country with fascinating detail about the individual contributions of Kings and Princes.