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Miscellaneous Items – Parnham Ice House; Reply to Query; Tintinhull Church Project


Marie Eedle

In connection with Mr Clynick’s interesting account of ice-houses (Vol.1 No.3), members who visited Parnham House near Beaminster in September, 1978, may like to know that the brick-built ice-house there is still visible as a large mound, somewhat overgrown, in what used to be an orchard. This is on private land, on the opposite side of the river to the house, not far from the public footpath from Beaminster to Netherbury. In 1963 Mr Alan Penny reported (Proc. Dorset N.H.& A.S.,Vol.86 (1964),219) that eight years previously it had been considered not safe to enter, but that in 1945 the owner had been told that it had been used within living memory.

REPLY TO QUERY     Page:13
Bridge Cottages, West Coker (Vol.1, No-3, p.16)

My mother was born in one of these cottages in 1895, and she still lives in West Coker. She says the cottages were originally built for use as a sailcloth factory and consequently the rooms have high ceilings. She remembers the tall factory chimney which stood in the centre at the rear, and that the entrance at the West Coker end ran down the farm track, wh1ch had a large iron gate. Another point of interest is that the bridge did not exist then, but the road ran up over the top of the hill and rejoined the existing A30 at the Gables, East Chinnock.

Reg.Warr, 227 Larkhill Road, Yeovil.


Monumental Inscriptions Survey. – Mrs Pat Knight and her helpers hope to recommence work on recording the gravestones when the (hopefully!) warmer weather comes after Easter. She is still looking for more volunteers to:

1 Write the details inscribed on each stone on to standardized forms (if you can read and write, we need you:)

2 Search the parish registers of the parish at the County Record Office, Taunton, to compare inscriptions on individual gravestones with those in the burial registers. Is there anyone doing research at Taunton who could spend half an hour checking the original records?

3 Help with surveying the four sections of the churchyard. We desperately need four large measuring tapes – can anyone assist?

Lastly, many thanks to those who helped Mrs Knight last season – we hope you can come again this year.
Other church features and records. – Volunteers are also required to assist in recording the architectural features, measured drawings, and recording of glass, furnishings, bells, church plate, records, etc. You do not necessarily have to be expert in any of these fields (though if you are, so much the better:) Anyone who can help in this direction should let the secretary, Mr.Chapman, know of any particular, or general, way in which they are prepared to help.

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