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Snippets – Illegal Cottages 1623; Constable of the Hundred Stone of Yeovil; School of Music 1893.


Illegal Yeovil Cottages in 1623

From Records of Quarter Sessions held at Taunton 15th – 18th July 1623:

Upon a certificate from the Portreeve, burgesses, and other inhabitants of the borough of Yevell, that there are many small cottages erected, contrary to the statute, greatly increasing the number of poor people already being relieved out of the common stock, far surmounting the liability of the said inhabitants; and these strangers once settled do tear and spoil other men’s hedges; and other cottages to be erected, to the public prejudice and annoyance of the inhabitants. Referred to Sir Robert Phellipps to take such course for the speedy redress of the said grievances as the law requireth; and in the meantime all erecting of cottages to surcease.

Constable of the Hundred Stone of Yeovil, 1621

From Quarter Sessions records, held at Wells, 9th – 12th January 1621:

Whereas John Harbyn, esq., is chosen constable of the Hundred of Stone and Catisaish: ordered on good causes shown to the Court that he be discharged of the said office: and that John Jacobb of Evell be chosen constable in his room.

Advertisement in the Western Gazette ‘Almanac’ for 1893

(Organist and Choirmaster of St John’s Church, Yeovil; Certified Organist,.T.C.L; Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians; Local Examiner for the R.C.M.
Conductor to the Yeovil Musical Association, &c.)
Tuition in the Science of Music, Harmony, Counterpoint and Practical Composition; the Art of Singing, Playing the Organ, Pianoforte, or Harmonium.
Upwards of 50 Candidates, prepared by Mr.J.Smith, have been successful in the
HIGHER Examinations, held in the various Colleges in London.
HARMONY Taught by Correspondence when desired.
For Testimonials, References, and other Particulars, apply to the above, at
“Beethoven-haus”, Hendford, YEOVIL

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