1982-Apr-pg15_Editorial and Secretary’s Letter

1982-Apr-pg15_Editorial and Secretary’s Letter

This article came from the Chronicle
Volume 2(2) published April 1982. Page 15


Editorial and Secretary’s Letter

Authors: Leslie Brooke and John Moon



The editorial for this issue is shorter than usual in order to give space to a letter (which appears immediately below) from our new honorary secretary, John Moon.

Members who have written for this number are cordially thanked for their Prompt contributions, which, as usual, cover a wide variety of topics. In particular we are again indebted to regular contributors Russ Clynick, for his recordings of the winter programme, and Mrs Pat Knight for her book lists, etc. Thanks are also due to Miss Joan Rendell for continuing to describe items. from the Yeovil Museum costume collection.

Although details of the Summer Programme were not available when this issue went to press, these will appear on a separate sheet issued with it.

The next issue of Chronicle is planned for the first of our indoor (Winter) meetings. in October, and contributions for it must be in the editor’s hands not later than THE FIRST WEEK IN SEPTEMBER – you are again reminded that this is the FINAL DATE, and your editor would be grateful if he can expect to have YOUR article or note well in advance of that!


I should like to take this opportunity of introducing myself to those members of the Society who have not at least seen me as your new Secretary at our last two meetings. I may say I was very surprised (and honoured) suddenly to be asked if I would take on the duties, and to accept was very much a spur-of-the-moment decision, which happily I have so far not regretted.

As a relatively new member of the Society, and in fact newly resident in Somerset, I do not know many members personally, but I hope to remedy this in the next year or so. I can, incidentally, lay claim to West Country origins, as my grandparents came from Frome and Westbury. In passing, unbelieveable as it may seem to those who know West London as it is now, my grandfather moved from Frome to a farm in Shepherds Bush.

I am sure that those whose interest is in local history will have appreciated, as I have, the recent BBC Television series on this subject, especially the last one,which I unfortunately missed, on Butleigh. To supplement the series, the Somerset Library Service have produced an excellent set of notes which provides a very useful list of references and local sources for information. Copies are available at the Yeovil Library.

Due to the hand over of secretaryship, and a couple of unanticipated spells in Yeovil District Hospital, arrangements for our summer programme are not as advanced as I would like, but if not included in the body of this issue of Chronicle, they should, at least, be covered by a loose sheet issued with it.

The Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society, with whom our Society is affiliated, has a very full summer programme, mostly of outdoor meetings on Saturdays. Here are a few of them:

Sun. 4 Apr.
2.30 pm
ILCHESTER WALKABOUT, Northover Church, Ilchester
Sat.17 Apr.
11.00 am
COASTAL AND WOODLAND WALK, Car Park near the Chantry, Kilve.
Thu.22 Apr.
7-30 pm
Sat.15 May.
WALKABOUT, NORTON ST PHILIP, Palairet Hall, Norton St Philip
Sat. 6 Jun.
2.15 pm
FIELD VISIT – DESERTED VILLAGE AND ANCIENT FIELDS, Christen Church, west of M5, 6 miles N of Junction 22.
Thu.24 Jun.
7 pm
EAST LYNG WALK, Lay-by, east end of East Lyng Village.
Thu. 1 Jul.
VISIT TO BURTON & PITT MONUMENT, Burton Pynsent, Curry Rivel.

Prior booking required.

Non-members of the County Society are welcome at any of these events for 25p, further details are available from me, telephone West Coker (86)3275. – John Moon