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This article came from Chronicle published October 1982. Page: 35

Snippets – Gloving and Ice-Houses

Author: Marie Eedle


Gloving in Beaminster

Re note in Vol.2 (1) Oct 1982 – I have since come across another mention of a glover. In 1828 John Bartlett, of St Mary Well Street, Beaminster, was described in an insurance policy as a fellmonger, leather breeches maker, and glover. The stock and utensils in his dwelling house were valued at £100, and there was a further £40 worth in his warehouse.
   Ref: Dorset Record Office, loose sheet inside MW/M8.

Parnam Ice House

Re note in Vol.1 (4) – A book of accounts for alterations made at Farnham by Sir William Oglander between 1807 and 1911 mentions the building of an ice-house: a pit and drain were first dug, and when the ice-house was completed, it was covered with a mound of clay, and a stone wall built round it.
   Ref: Dorset Record Office, MW/MB

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